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    One Model Recreated Iconic Rolling Stone Covers Of Male Musicians

    Wildfang clothing's latest campaign serves as definitive proof that ladies always do it better.

    As the ultimate tomboy clothing brand for women, "stealing from the boys" is a practice that Wildfang prides itself on. The latest lookbook features model Devin Fuller re-creating Rolling Stone covers — proving once again that girls do everything better.

    "Rolling Stone covers are so iconic, it was the first place we went for inspiration," Creative Director Taralyn Thuot told BuzzFeed of the Let's Hear It for the Boys series, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "We looked for a range of musicians who captured the Wildfang spirit — confident, authentic, cheeky, and bold. We picked covers with lots of personality and totally different styles. The goal was to create something badass and cheeky — I think we nailed it," she added.

    Fuller is the only model posing for the cover re-creations shot by photographer Liam Gillies.

    "It was a serious challenge," Thuot says of using only one model. "Not just to nail their looks but also their vibe. The hair was probably the hardest part."

    "The most important thing was definitely the attitude and the expressions. Just look at the Dave Grohl cover! Devin channeled some serious Nirvana-style angst on that one," said Thuot.

    Double the trouble for this Stones cover? No problem for Fuller.

    "The actual shoot time was only about 10 minutes. Hair and makeup, on the other hand, took about 11 hours."

    "As we shot each cover, we cranked up that artist's greatest hits to get everyone vibe-ing and the model into character."

    "I'm not gonna lie, some epic dance moves were pulled to 'Karma Chameleon' and 'Just a Gigolo.'"

    Tomboys of the world, never stop rockin'.

    Check out the full look book here.