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    Kristen Stewart And Her Many Girl Crushes

    Kristen Stewart has always had a massive gay following, and she isn't shy about her girl crushes. Now that she is single, just dream of the possibilites.

    Apparently Kristen Stewart is a single lady now.

    And the queer girls of the world have always had an eye on her:

    Luckily, she has plenty of girl crushes to choose from.

    If Kristen did answer all those queer girls prayers and swap teams, who could she have her eye on?

    1. She could give Amy Adams a call:

    Amy seems pretty giddy about the whole idea:

    2. Kirsten Dunst and her look cozy:

    Whispering sweet nothings?


    3. Charlize Theron:

    Charlize pretty much asked her out:

    And then asked her to make out:

    Kristen doesn't seem so opposed.

    So enough already, who are you thinking about Kstew?