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    John Barrowman Out-Adorables An Adorable Puppy

    The little pup gives a good fight, but she is simply no match for the Captain.

    You probably know John Barrowman best as Captain Jack Harkness from the Doctor Who series.

    He is also a celebrity ambassador for the organization Hearing Dogs For Deaf People:

    As an ambassador, he recently attended their fundraiser garden party.

    He was adorable AND play with adorable puppies.

    He made a friend named Mia.

    Right here. This is the moment Mia realizes that John is actually more adorable than she is.

    She is upset, as any perfectly adorable puppy would be.

    She gives one last attempt to ham it up for the camera... and then gives up.

    Mia has so had it, she is outta here.

    Puppies should know not to mess with John Barrowman. He will always be more adorable.

    Watch the drama unfold here:

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