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    James Dale Urges Others To Speak Out Against BSA Ban On Gay Scouts

    In a video released today, the plaintiff in Dale vs. Boy Scouts of America shares his story. The Boy Scouts' National Council could end the ban this week.

    James Dale, the plaintiff in Dale vs. Boy Scouts of America in 2000, has released a video for GLAAD urging people to speak out against the Boy Scouts' ban on gay scouts and leaders:

    He touches upon his experience being expelled from the Boy Scouts as well as the Supreme Court case in which he lost by one vote.

    Dale adds, "I think that I pretty much continue to win in the court of public opinion."

    Members of the Boy Scouts’ National Council are meeting in Dallas this week to vote on a resolution that could end the Boy Scouts’ long-standing ban on gay members.

    Elaine Thompson / AP

    GLAAD staff are on the ground in Texas today and are hosting a live blog with pictures, video, and updates from the vote.

    Watch full video:

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