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What Do You Wish You Had Known About Going Through High School As An LGBT Teen?

Supposedly, “it gets better” — but what are you supposed to do until then?

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Being a teenager is tough and confusing stuff. But being a teenager who is also figuring out their sexuality — or has it all figured out, but isn't in the most ~ affirming ~ environment? That's next level tough and confusing.


Did you end up joining school clubs or activities that made you feel more at home?


Nothing like finding "your people" to make those adolescent years a little easier. Maybe you joined the gay-straight alliance at your school, maybe you started the GSA at your school — or, maybe, you avoided it all together.


So, what advice about school, love, and coming out would you give to your former (probably acne-prone) teen self?

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Everyone has a unique experience in high school and everyone deals with the the ups and downs of growing up differently — we want to hear a little bit of your story!

Post your advice in the comments below for a chance to appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed LGBT post!

And remember, your words could end up helping someone going through this thing called "being a teenager" right now. We could all have used some help with that.