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    Posted on Oct 29, 2015

    15 Haiku Every Queer Woman Can Totally Relate To

    “It’s so hard to tell / if that beanie is something / or nothing at all.”

    1. Anytime you're trying to enjoy yourself, ever:


    2. When you decide to try out online dating:


    3. When you see a lesbian couple out in public:

    4. When your friend says something homophobic right in front of you:

    5. Each and every time that time of the month rolls around:


    6. When your grandparents stop by for a quick visit and you're not out to them:

    Shironosov / Getty Images

    7. When you watch an episode of The L Word:


    8. The moment you realize just how gay you are:


    9. When you go down on a girl for the first time and you have no idea what you’re doing:

    NBC / Via

    10. When you're in a long distance relationship:


    11. When you're checking out a girl at the coffee shop:


    12. When you continue to check her out for the next two hours:

    13. When her boyfriend finally sits down next to her:


    14. When a cute girl asks you how "lesbian sex" works:


    15. When you start watching a new show: