This Is What Happens When You Ask LGBT Seniors For Advice

    "You have to love everybody and embrace everybody and then you'll be able to love and embrace yourself." Tissues, please!

    YouTube personality Davey Wavey gathered a group of LGBT seniors, with help from the LGBT Community Center Of The Desert, to interview them about their life experiences.

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    Using the term "seniors" lightly here, as the participants ages range from 45 to over 70.

    First, each individual was asked how they identified on the LGBT spectrum:

    They were then asked, "How is today's world different than the world you grew up in?"

    Most of the stories are unimaginable today...

    ... but a few were, unfortunately, still familiar.

    Davey then prompted them to talk about their lives today. That's when things got emotional:

    Finally, they offered their own advice to young LGBT people: