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    Illustrators Show Their Support For Russia's LGBT Community Through Personal Artwork

    Sometimes artwork speaks louder than words.

    Feeling both distraught by the stories of homophobia in Russia and inspired by the determination of the country, illustrator agent Anna Goodson wanted to show her support of the LGBT community but was unsure how.

    Goodson, being the President of the Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, then realized the answer was right in front of her.

    She sent out a memo to other illustrators asking each of them to create a piece of artwork making a statement in support of the Russian LGBT community.

    The resulting collection, titled "Art Speaks Louder Than Words," is overwhelming.

    Goodson said of the project:

    We are often asked to create images for clients but here was an opportunity for them to create something meaningful, personal and from the heart.

    We believe that Art Speaks Louder Than Words and we wanted to show the world that our agency and illustrators don't support discrimination and violence of any kind, regardless of Religion, Race or Sexual Orientation.

    Artists entered their individual pieces, staying true to their unique styles while portraying messages of tolerance and love.

    Some illustrators focused on the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi.

    While others focused on the plight of LGBT individuals living under Russia's anti-propoganda laws.

    Some entries were comical...

    ... others were downright adorable.

    All of them are truly beautiful and thought-provoking.

    See the full gallery here.