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What Do You Want To Know About Jazz Jennings?

Submit your questions here!

Jazz Jennings is a 14-year-old transgender activist, YouTube star, published author, former Clean & Clear campaign girl, and soon-to-be star of her very own docu-series on TLC.

That's a mouthful. Basically, she is the coolest 14-year-old you'd ever hope to meet.

I mean, have you hung out with Laverne Cox? Didn't think so.

Jazz is coming to hang out with BuzzFeed next week and she would love to answer any questions you have or give advice if you're seeking.

Maybe you want to know something about her upcoming TLC series All That Jazz:

View this video on YouTube

Perhaps you’re struggling to come out and would love to hear about her own experiences.

Don't let this face fool you, she is probably wiser than any other kid you know.

Or maybe you have questions about what it's like to be a published author?

And hey — maybe you just want to know what's going on with her adorable one-eared cat.

Whatever it is, submit your questions in the comments below and we'll have Jazz answer the best!