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    This Is What It Would Look Like If Lesbians Had Their Own Emojis

    Send me a U-haul emoji so I know it's real.

    The @lesbianemojis Instagram account is here to fill a very important void currently plaguing the keyboard on our phones.

    Designer Kimberly Linn, the mastermind behind the account, creates custom emojis that we can only hope actually exist our phones someday.

    Kimberly explained to BuzzFeed that the idea came to her as she perused the "recently used" emojis on her phone:

    Really how this idea was sparked was by looking at my "recently used" section of emojis one night while chatting with my friend Katie Streeter (who is a writer/actor.) She and I were sitting on my front porch talking and I noticed that all my "recently used" emojis had various gay interpretations by lesbians (eggplant, scissors, bro fist, etc.) Katie noticed hers were mostly comprised with those. We started talking about how we needed some lesbian emojis in our life. Right away we said "fish tacos" and then from there we had a list of about 50. We then decided to design them. We now have a list of about 200. I'm an art director at an advertising agency so I've been designing them in my free time.

    If these were real, imagine the possibilities.

    You could easily communicate to your friends how your love life is going...

    ... or not going.

    You could come out to people without saying anything at all.

    It would be easy to plan a night out on the town, dressing up or dressing down.

    Maybe ask that someone special to move in?

    Or, ya know, wait a little and then ask. Your call.

    Kimberly and Katie will continue to roll out the ideas on their Instagram, possibly turning the project into an app in the future.

    Katie and I have a list of 200 just off the top of our heads so we're really excited to keep rolling them out. We obviously want to save the best ones for the instagram account, but have also been keeping a list of more practical ones that would really flush out a whole library for actual smartphone use down the road. I guess that's the next step, turning them into an app that people can download and use.