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    If Gaydar Actually Existed, As Told By The Internet

    I've heard you can buy one online.

    If gaydar actually existed...

    1. You could just pick it up at the store.

    2. Or possibly, for a discounted price online.

    3. It would come on a downloadable disk.

    lanych/lanych / Via

    4. And measurements would be based on a system of iconic entertainers. / Via Getty

    5. Some models would be portable...

    6. ... and tiny enough to fit in your pocket.

    7. It would work much like a police officer’s radar gun.

    8. Other models, like a sonar.

    9. As gaydar technology improved, previous methods would seem quite primitive.

    scorpp/scorpp / Via Twitter: @mrtimlong

    10. And hopefully, it would have a few more options than just these:

    11. If gaydar actually existed, it would still confuse your parents.

    12. It would also double as a tracking device.

    13. It would send out signals over long distances.

    Very long distances.

    14. Similar to Google Glass, you would activate it using a set of goggles.

    15. Perhaps it would be an innate sense everyone was born with.

    JumpStock/JumpStock / Via

    16. Surprisingly, sharks would have it.


    Befriend more sharks.

    17. Dogs too.

    18. If gaydar actually existed, you could call it whatever you wanted.

    19. You wouldn't have to overthink things.

    20. It would be easier to spot certain people in a crowd.

    And – most importantly – if gaydar actually existed...


    Such Gay. Much Dar. Wow.