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11 Terrifying Six-Word Lesbian Horror Stories

"I'm crushing on a straight girl."

For any gay or bisexual woman, it only takes a few simple words to send shivers of fear down your spine:

Here are a few more hauntingly horrifying scenarios. Read on...if you dare.

1. At any social gathering:

2. When your new co-worker is really cute:

3. Opening a new message on OkCupid:

4. Visiting your grandmother for the weekend:

5. Just as you take a sip of water on a first date, she says:

6. This text when you're in a long-distance relationship:

7. Watching Orange Is the New Black:

8. When you're on your very first date with a girl:

9. Valentine's Day is coming up:

10. Discussing The L Word:

11. When your girlfriend is literally on her way over:

We are all so brave.