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20 USWNT GIFs That Are Perfect For Any Situation

Rapinoe, Solo, Wambach, and the crew have you covered.

1. When you're trying to warn your friend not to get with that guy:

2. When you and your bestie are about to go out and you're lookin' good:

3. When your friends are in a drunken argument and you just wanna go to McDonalds for a big mac:

4. When you're about to give a presentation and your friend warns you you've got shit in your teeth:

5. When you're so hungover every muscle hurts but you say you're totally fine:

6. When you're at a party and your ex walks in, so you head for the exit:

7. When you're staring at your crush and they totally catch you:

8. Watching your friend hookup with someone, AKA watching your friend make a huge mistake:

9. When someone's talkin' trash and you just won't hear it:

10. When beach season rolls around and you've actually been working out:

11. When you and your friend are hitting on the same person at the bar:

12. "Did I turn off the stove? Yea, yea I totally did. Whew."

13. Asking a stranger about their cute top:

14. When you match with your crush on Tinder:

15. Daydreaming of your faves during a meeting:

16. When you're already several drinks deep and your song comes on:

17. When a rando won't leave you alone at the bar:

And then, there's the image for any triumph in your life...

18. Stopping the microwave just before it beeps:

19. Coming home and having the entire apartment to yourself:

20. Or, ya know, when you make the game-winning penalty shootout kick to capture World Cup glory.


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