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    Cara Delevingne Just Shut Down Anyone Calling Her Sexuality "Just A Phase"

    “I am who I am."

    In case you missed it, model and actress Cara Delevingne's recent Vogue interview led to backlash and even an online petition protesting that the article insinuated her bisexuality might be only a phase.

    Juan Naharro Gimenez / Getty Images

    The article read: “Her parents seem to think girls are just a phase for Cara, and they may be correct.”

    Delevingne finally had the chance to respond in her recent interview with The New York Times . While she saw "nothing malicious" in the Vogue article, she did take a moment to lay everything out on the table concerning her sexuality.

    Ready for the clapback? “My sexuality is not a phase. I am who I am," she said.

    Juan Naharro Gimenez / Getty Images

    Let's break that down, just once more for the people in the cheap seats.

    "My sexuality...

    ... is not ...

    ... a phase."

    Any questions?