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21 Tweets That Are Just Too Funny If You're The Only Queer Person In The Family

With great power comes great responsibility.

1. When you're not out to everyone yet (even if everybody already knows):

2. This moment of panic:

3. And this quick exit:

me when im in the closet and someone in my family says "well at least no one in this family is gay!"

4. This enormous responsibility:

5. This lost opportunity:

6. And this one too:

7. The moment you find your real family:

8. This sad introduction:

When you're not out yet so your boyfriend has to introduce you to his family like this

9. This act of deep deep denial:

10. This fist-clenching dinner conversation:

11. This big fat lie:

12. This little ditty:

When you're not out to your family yet & they ask if you have a boyfriend or like any boys

13. This moment of silence:

14. This face-stuffing diversion:

15. Just... this:

16. This quick lesson:

When you're not out yet and your cousins ask if you're gay at a family event

17. And this holiday outfit:

18. This truly inspirational teaching moment:

My family: what the fuck does LGBT even mean? Me:

19. This cry for help:

20. This brave and silent stand:

21. And, of course, this Oscar-nominated performance: