How Well Do You Know Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka?

NPH and David are the most beautiful and perfect couple out there, so you better know your facts.

  1. 1. Who said "I Love You" first?
    1. Michael Buckner / Getty Images
    2. Theo Wargo / Getty Images
  2. 2. Neil has compared David to which lovable cartoon character?
    Valerie Macon / Getty Images
    1. Spongebob Square Pants
    2. Scooby Doo
    3. Tigger
  3. 3. Where did David propose to Neil?
    Jason Merritt / Getty Images
    1. On vacation
    2. On the street corner where they first met
    3. On the set of “How I Met Your Mother”
  4. 4. Later on, how did Neil propose to David?
    1. One year later, on Valentine’s Day.
    2. The next morning over breakfast.
    3. On David’s birthday.
  5. 5. What inspired them to name their son Gideon?
    1. The “Criminal Minds” TV Character, they both love the show.
    2. Gideon Rubin, an artist they admire.
    3. The Bible
  6. 6. The first time they appeared on stage together they were...
    Larry Busacca / Getty Images
    1. …presenting an award.
    2. …performing a choreographed dance.
    3. …singing a duet from the musical “Rent”.
  7. 7. What sign do they share?
    1. Gemini
    2. Libra
    3. Scorpio
  8. 8. What character did David appear as on How I Met Your Mother?
    1. Scooter, Lily’s ex-boyfriend.
    2. Marshall’s brother from Minnesota.
    3. Punch, Ted’s high school buddy.
  9. 9. When it comes to parenting which of the two claims to be more "maternal"?
    1. David
    2. Neil
  10. 10. The first addition to their family was...
    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
    1. Their twins.
    2. A potted plant.
    3. A dog.
  11. 11. The duo love to dress the kids up in costumes...
    1. Sometimes
    2. Never
    3. Every chance they can.

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