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    How To Be Awesome According To Tig Notaro

    The comedian has been catapulted into the spotlight not for the series of misfortunes that have plagued her personal life, but for the awesome way she responded. She is pretty much everything that you should strive to be in life.

    1. Never forget to laugh.

    2. Be present.

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    3. Always RSVP in person.

    4. Be kind.

    5. Use what you have.

    6. Whenever you have the chance to be "almost" making out with Bobby Lee...take it.

    7. Own your bad hair days.

    8. Be SO awesome you make Megan Mullally uncomfortable.

    9. Take things literally.

    10. Be mysterious.

    11. Don't be afraid to ask tough questions.

    12. Live for the moment...

    13. And always channel your inner Streisand.

    Stay awesome, Tig.