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How A 90-Year-Old Baptist Pastor Came Out To His Gay Grandson Just Months Before His Death

"He told me he would trade places with me if he could. He told me he loved me." Grant Rehnberg is now creating a memorial art installation to honor his grandfather's story.

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In his own words, Grant remembers the moment his Grandpa Jim came out to him:


"He told me about the love of his life, Warren Johnson, a boy he played music with at church. He told me God loves every part of us."

At the funeral, Grant placed a photo of himself and his husband on their wedding day in his grandfather's suit coat pocket and a red rose on his coffin.


He hopes the project will help him process his feelings toward a man "whose legacy of religious shame, sexual repression, and fear of one's true self" shaped his own path.

Today, I live as a legally married, openly gay man. Don't Ask Don't Tell and DoMA have fallen, but I still experience similar discrimination that my grandfather's generation knew far too well. Even with our sixty-five year age gap, Grandpa Jim and I were both born into worlds far from perfect equality and security for queer people. Many still live in the dark closet that my grandpa and I ultimately found freedom from.

Watch his project's launch video below and check out the project here.

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