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Hong Kong Mogul Attempts To Sell His Daughter Straight

Gigi Chao, lesbian daughter to a Hong Kong mogul, speaks out on being outed by her dad very publicly when he made the offer of $65 million to any man who could "woo" his daughter. It's such a crazy story Sasha Baron Cohen might make it into a movie.

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Now Gigi is speaking out on the incident:

According to her interview with the Hong Kong Tatler, within just days of her father's offer suitors from around the world were bombarding Gigi with proposals. More than 20,000 over eager new “friends” popped up on her Facebook page as she was overwhelmed with emails from hopeful gentleman. It didn't just stop with emails and friend requests, along with the harmless correspondence came plenty of hate mail. She encountered abusive threatening letters and even a package of medicine sent to “cure her ailment.” Gigi was forced to hire someone full time to process all the incoming messages.


In the exclusive interview Gigi shared a few of the very wacky responses, such as a man from Florida who emailed Gigi and her father a topless snapshot showing off his ripped six-pack. The bachelor also applauded Cecil for his parenting skills, saying "It's very clear happiness to Chao is not measured by money". Gigi spoke with ABC last october and expressed that she was not upset by her father's actions even though he could disinherit her. She stated, "I inherited his nerves of steel and his ability to get along with people, if I inherit nothing more than these traits which he has given me...I'm completely happy with that." Cecil has expressed no interest in meeting Gigi's life partner, but the two seem to maintain a loving relationship and speak with each other everyday.

Hear Gigi discuss the indecent proposal further:

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