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People Couldn't Handle How Cute Sarah Paulson And Holland Taylor Were During The Emmys

Without actually being there together.

If there were an Emmy for being the cutest couple around, Queen Sarah Paulson and Her Majesty Holland Taylor would take it home, no contest.

But while Paulson was getting glam for the red carpet on Sunday, Taylor was actually home in New York City β€” feeling very Emmy-deprived.

Feeling deprived in Manhattan. #Emmys ... Waaaaaaaaah! @MsSarahPaulson

Paulson arrived at the 68th Emmy Awards as a Best Supporting Actress nominee for her role in American Horror Story, as well as an Outstanding Lead Actress nominee for her role as Marcia Clark in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Even while miles and miles apart, the duo still managed to be the cutest couple of the evening.

Way over in Manhattan, eagerly awaiting the Emmy red carpet, can't wait for @MsSarahPaulson under ANY circumstances, but, my GOD, HER DRESS!

They may not have walked the red carpet together, but with Taylor live-tweeting the action from afar it felt as if they were there together.

Where pure beauty resides, some efforts are completely superfluous. @MsSarahPaulson


And that was all before Holland even caught a glimpse of Paulson in her very shiny gown.

Yeah, this shiny gown.

But when she did?

πŸ’• Swoon πŸ’•

Seriously, someone call a medic.

And then Paulson gave a shout-out from the carpet:

"Hi Holland! If you're watching, I love you." - Sarah Paulson bringing all the heart eye emojis #Emmys

And Holland replied completely appropriately:

If I'm watching...?? If I'm WATCHING??? YES, I'm watching--!!! good LORD! ... I LOVE you!!!

Even Debra Messing couldn't resist the cuteness:

@HollandTaylor awww. :( wish you could be with your Love right now. She's so special.


AND, just when you thought it couldn't get any cuter, Sarah Paulson won Outstanding Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for The People v. O.J. Simpson.

Holland was like, "Duh."

Naturally, Paulson had to throw in an "I love you" to Holland during her acceptance speech:

I'm dead.

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor: The Greatest Love Story of Our Time.

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor are the greatest love story of our time #emmys

People could not handle the cuteness:

i can't believe holland taylor and sarah paulson ended ellen and portia tonight. the gay heroes we all deserve.

Unrealistic cuteness, really:

i want to thank the academy and also sarah paulson and holland taylor for giving me unrealistic expectations for relationships born from DMs

The end.

Find someone to love you as much as Holland Taylor loves Sarah Paulson and don't settle for less