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36 Perfect Tweets That Made Queer People Cackle Out Loud In 2016

"My eyeliner isn't straight but neither is my sexuality so at least I'm consistent."

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1. This itty bitty note:

2. This too real scenario:


3. That time the actual dictionary schooled us all:

4. That moment your buddy grabs your phone:

5. This made-for-TV moment:

6. This potential bumper sticker:

7. This fantastic idea:

8. This awkward holiday conversation:

9. This breathtaking poem:

10. And this tale as old as time:

11. This sad reality:

12. And this one too:

13. This clever comparison, which should be placed in a museum:

14. This moment of clarity:

15. This undeniable truth:


16. This metamorphosis:

17. This emoji quandary:


18. This spelling lesson:

19. This moment of social awkwardness:

20. This inner conflict:

21. This uncomfortable moment:

22. This small act of heroism:


23. This earnest inquiry:

24. This hint to TV writers everywhere:

25. This subtle truth bomb:

26. Oh, and this one too:

27. This perfect take-down of gendered products:

I would call this a video I can’t explain, but I can. #masculinitysofragile

28. This burn:

29. This existential crisis on Grindr:


30. This not-so-emotional coming out moment:

31. This daily affirmation:

32. This holiday feast:

33. This beautiful trend:

34. This glamorous makeover:

35. This end-of-year reflection:

36. Let's hope queer Twitter is just as 🔥 🔥 🔥 in 2017.

if twitter gays had their own cooking show

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