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    Hayley Kiyoko Just Saved Prom With This Adorable Promposal Surprise

    The bar for promposals has officially been raised.

    Hayley Kiyoko, the pop star who has been dubbed "lesbian jesus" by her dedicated followers, has worked relentlessly to make both her music and concerts a safe haven for LGBT fans.

    And she lived up to that title recently, helping high school teenager Kassie ask her girlfriend, Nia, to prom in an epic surprise promposal.

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    When Kassie, a high school student from Fairfield, Connecticut, scrolled by a tweet from Fuse TV offering up a Kiyoko promposal she jumped at the opportunity to surprise her girlfriend of nearly six months.

    Need help with your #promposal? Our DMs are open 👍 Tell us why you think your potential prom date would ❤️ a personalized #prom invite from @HayleyKiyoko, on your behalf, and we might pick you! #HayleyKiyoko #Expectations #Curious

    Fuse TV

    Out of the many submissions, hers was selected.

    "Hayley's music means a lot to us. It's not just listening to her music — Hayley also creates these amazing music videos with LGBT couples, and just to have that representation is incredible," Kassie told BuzzFeed News.

    Kassie, who came out to her friends and family last July, also mentioned sleepovers where the two would watch Kiyoko music videos together.

    "Hayley's music shows us that being a woman dating a woman is okay! And that it should be a normal and common thing to see."

    Meanwhile, Nia was told she would be participating in an interview about their school's Gender and Sexuality Alliance — she had no clue what was really going on.

    Fuse TV

    "As the video was playing I was engulfed with excitement, happiness, and nervousness," Kassie said. "Excited for the promposal to happen, happy because, honestly, how many people get Hayley Kiyoko to ask your date to prom for you?"

    When she was prompted to watch a video from their "rival school," it was really Kiyoko with a special message.

    Fuse TV

    "Nia, you've meant so much to us. Will you go to prom with Kassie? You mean the world to her," Kiyoko said via the surprise video feed.

    Fuse TV

    After the shock wore off, Nia said "Yes!"

    Fuse TV

    "Going to prom with Nia means that I get to spend one long and amazing night with a person I love and not have to feel bad about it," Kassie said of the upcoming big dance.

    Courtesy of Kassie

    "To be at prom and take photos with my girlfriend and be just like any couple at prom, comfortable in who we are and having tons of fun."

    Kassie will be wearing a pink princess ball gown to the big event, while Nia will be rocking a long purple dress. "'Both two queens at prom,' we like to say," Kassie added.

    Fuse TV