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    Let’s Hear It For All The Badass Ladies Rockin’ Suits At Prom

    Prom 2K16: Dapper as hell.

    Feel that in the air? It's prom season.

    And while it's long been traditional for ladies to doll up in a dress-and-corsage combo for the big night, we need to take a minute and appreciate all the dapper dates out there totally killing it.

    We asked some students about their decision to own a suit n' tie look — not only how they put the outfit together, but how the threads made them feel out there on the dance floor. Here's what they had to say:

    1. "Prom was something I had been dreaming about for years and it was very important to me that I dress the way that I wanted, the way that I felt truly represented who I really am."

    2. "The best thing was the practicality — there was no fear of flashing and better yet, pockets!"

    3. "I'm very proud of myself for wearing what I'm comfy in since my prom outfit made me feel very confident, despite receiving many looks and comments from strangers."

    4. "I just felt free, that's the best I can describe it."

    5. " It made me feel bomb AF knowing I looked better than all the boys there, especially when I had the prettiest date."

    6. "I wanted something I could wear again."

    7. "At first I was nervous about what people would say if I wore something other than a dress, but I decided to commit to wearing what would make me comfortable and I'm extremely happy with that decision."

    8. "I've never felt so confident in formal wear as I did that night and being able to dance full out without the restriction of a dress made the experience so worthwhile."

    9. "I felt beyond confident and amazing in what I was wearing and that feeling is unexplainable."

    10. "I did have to deal with some odd looks from the chaperoning teachers as I go to a small Catholic school, but my friends were ecstatic to show me off and I was so happy and comfortable being me!"

    11. "I decided that if I was going to prom, I was going to go as myself."