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    Posted on Nov 26, 2013

    Gail Peck Is The Reason You Should Be Watching "Rookie Blue"

    She is the best reason, anyway. All hail the wonder that is Gail.

    This is Officer Gail Peck, portrayed by actress Charlotte Sullivan, on ABC's Rookie Blue.

    An underrated show, with an underrated cast, returning in 2014.

    Don't try and sum her up after only one glance.

    Because she isn't just a pretty (gorgeous/perfect) face.

    No really, Gail will f*** you up.

    She may seem slightly manipulative, but it's only because she cares.

    And if her base-line emotion seems to be "unimpressed," it's only because she has high standards.

    After all, she is a complex human being with many wonderful layers.

    Yes. She is a bit anti-social.

    But, she could totally be a life coach...

    ... of some sort.

    She can throw shade with the best of them.

    You might think that Gail has trouble expressing her emotions in a healthy manner.

    But, maybe you just don't understand her twisted sense of humor.

    Gail has her priorities straight, people.

    Everyone should strive to embody her confidence and poise.

    The fact that she — a full-time police officer — manages constantly perfect lipstick is a scientific wonder.

    And when she isn't kicking ass and taking names, she can be quite vulnerable.

    When someone gives her the chance she actually has a lot of love to give.

    Which makes her romantic story-line on the show the most beautiful thing to ever exist.

    Gail + Holly, forever and ever!

    Their love is only rivaled by these two:

    The puppy is actually Charlotte Sullivan's puppy, she brings him on set. *dead*

    *Drink break, because Gail says so*

    Most of the time, you don't even know what she's talking about...

    ...but you're always caught between loving her and living in fear of her.

    That's the reason you keep coming back for more Gail.