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    Fundamentalist Preacher Mistakenly Uses "Modern Family" Cast For His Ebook Cover

    Apparently, he doesn't watch much TV.

    This is fundamentalist Preacher Doug Sehorne.

    Check out some of his sweet career stats:

    He published an ebook on child rearing entitled Bible Principles of Child Discipline (from the book of Proverbs).

    And here is the image he thought would be perfect for the cover:

    Oh no, he didn't.

    The author must not be familiar with all with the characters of this very popular ABC show.

    When the mistake was pointed out to him, Sehorn took to Twitter and Facebook to defend himself.

    He refers to Modern Family as a "wicked TV show involving a gay couple!"

    Little does he know, it's also the series that premiered to critical acclaim and is loved by millions of faithful viewers.

    You mad?