France’s Extremely Homoerotic Anti-Gay Protesters Strike Again

This time, in swimsuits!

1. The French anti-gay protest group called Les Hommen have gained quite the reputation for their theatrical displays:

2. Their protests against marriage equality usually include being topless, using paint on their chests, and wearing colorful pants:

3. The French government successfully legalized same-sex marriage in May, but the group continues to protest regularly:

4. For their latest demonstration, they decided to head to the beach:

5. A YouTube video released this week shows the shirtless and bathing suit-clad men storming the beach of Montpellier in an inflatable raft:

6. Reportedly the demonstration was to “liberate” a fellow activist who had been arrested.

7. But it comes across like a strange spring break music video:

8. Nothing like a boat ride on a beautiful day:

12. Once they reach land, the shirtless protesters hold up this sign:

13. According to Gay Star News, the man indicated on the sign was arrested in June:

The 23-year-old they are referring to, whose last name has not been reported, is in jail after taking part in a protest against same-sex marriage equality on 16 June. He was arrested for picketing television channel M6 studios where President François Hollande was being interviewed. Police say he resisted arrest, refused to give a DNA sample and was a security risk. On 20 June he was sentenced to four months in jail and given a fine of €1,000 ($1,300) by a Paris court.

14. Watch Les Hommen’s beach protest here:

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Sarah Karlan is the Deputy LGBT Editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.
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