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France Has Reached Marriage Equality

A bill that extends marriage and adoption rights to gay and lesbian couples in France has passed in a 331-225 assembly vote.

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In the moments before the vote in France the Hashtag on twitter that was trending translated to: "Homosexuals Must Be Killed":

Hashtag trending in France: "Homosexuals Must Be Killed" #IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels

Hashtag trending in France: "Homosexuals Must Be Killed" #IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels-- JoeMyGod

#IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels J'laime se hashtag

#IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels J'laime se hashtag-- LOGANITOO

#IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels Une extermination massive

#IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels Une extermination massive-- C.H

#IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels #IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels #IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels #IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels #IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels

#IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels #IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels #IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels #IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels #IlFautTuerLesHomosexuels-- J'ai une grosse bite


The impending law has been a great source of division in the country, with bizarre protests and escalating violence.

Michel Euler / AP

Demonstrators hold anti gay marriage and French flags during a rally in Paris. The letters on the flags read "Demonstration for all".

Police organized legions of officers and a small battery of water cannons at France's National Assembly as lawmakers prepared for the final vote.

Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters

French CRS riot police form a line near the Invalides during a demonstration against France's planned legalization of same-sex marriage in Paris.

Jacky Naegelen / Reuters

Protestors wear French Revolution Phrygian caps as they shout slogans and hold copies of the "Code Civil" (law texts) as they take part in the "Manif pour Tous" (Demonstration for All) protest march: