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    Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Jun 12, 2014

    For Anyone Slowly Falling For Nicky Nichols On "Orange Is The New Black"

    Bless you, you wild-haired nympho.

    If you watch Orange Is The New Black, you've had the pleasure – nay, the honor – to have Natasha Lyonne grace your screen as Nicky Nichols. / Via Netflix

    There's really no such thing as appreciating her existence too much – in fact, we should all be doing it a lot more.

    Because when Nicky is on screen? Nobody is safe.

    First, she reels you in with her mesmerizing eyes and crooked grin.

    Don't even start on that flawless mane of hair – there isn't enough time in the day.


    Before you know it, she's schooling you on macroeconomics.

    Saying Nicky has a "way with words" would be a colossal understatement.

    Her sarcastic and impossibly quick wit can only be described as pure poetry.


    Not to mention, her perfectly deadpan delivery.

    You feel like screaming "MIC DROP" at the screen whenever she lays down some knowledge. / Via Netflix

    * MIC DROP *

    You think to yourself: Is anyone writing down all these wise words that are coming from her perfect face?

    It's all part of her charm that reels you in and never lets go.

    She's a multi-faceted creature, keeping you guessing at every turn.


    For the most part, you can count on Nicky for a really good laugh.

    But, you don't fuck with her.

    Because if there is one thing Nicky Nichols is not here for – it's your bullshit.

    And she'll let you know exactly how she feels, sometimes with no words at all.

    Frankly, she doesn't care what anyone thinks.

    Look up "self-confidence" in the dictionary, you'll find her photo there.

    But when things get bad, you want Nicky in your corner.

    ~ wipes single tear ~

    Her empathy and ability to read people is truly a gift.

    She knows that what goes around, comes around.

    Maybe that's why she's such a people person.

    She has the generosity of a saint, really.


    Let's be honest, all anyone really wants is more Nicky in their lives.