For Anyone Currently Falling In Love With Ilana Glazer

You are not alone.

Meet Ilana Glazer: One half of Comedy Central’s Broad City and about-to-be owner of your heart.

1. It’s not hard to see why everyone is falling for this nearly-mythical and actually perfect human being.

2. On the show, Ilana is super down to earth and friendly.

3. She has a super positive outlook on the future of humanity…

4. …and absolutely zero sexual boundaries.

5. Actually, she has no boundaries – period – and it’s a thing of beauty.


6. When she dances in a tux it’s a goddamn gift to this earth.


7. And wouldn’t you know it, the real-life Ilana is EVEN COOLER.

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8. Making-duck-faces-with-Amy Poehler cool!

9. Bumping-boobs-with-Amy Poehler cool!

10. Her selfie game is TIIIIGHHHT.


11. Naturally, she has a healthy appreciation for vats of hazelnut goodness.

12. Or really any large vat of food.

13. As an alum of NYC’s UCB theater group, she is hilarious even when unscripted.

“Improv is the only belief system I’ve ever experienced that directly works on how to be. Just how to be. It teaches you how to act and it gets you down to your core choices, choices you would have made as a kid,” says Glazer.

14. She is unbelievably talented – tackling more serious projects like it’s not big deal.

She showed off her serious acting chops in How To Follow Strangers, which took home top honors at the L.E.S. film festival in 2013.

15. She truly believes in putting everything out there when she performs.

“I like having absolutely no fourth wall. I think the more vulnerable on stage you are, the more captivating the performance,” says Glazer.

16. If you haven’t seen her web series Chronic Gamer Girl, YOU’RE ACTUALLY NOT LIVING RIGHT NOW.

17. She is pretty much the light and the way, an inspiration to us all.

18. She is living proof that hard work (and being a really kick-ass human being) can lead to accomplishing ALL YOUR DREAMS!


Feeling a little light-headed and woozy?

Don’t worry, you’re just crushing on Ilana Glazer – and you’re not alone.

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