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For Anyone Currently Falling For Ruby Rose On "Orange Is The New Black"

Let us join together and pray, amen. (Spoilers of the Rose variety.)

The new season of Orange Is the New Black was released early on Netflix this week.

As if all that wasn't enough, this face came into your life with absolutely no warning:

(To be fair, we knew this was coming, but in no way could we have humanly prepared for it.)

If you've been watching — or if you've already spent one night binging and are already rewatching — you've been slowly falling in love with actor Ruby Rose, who plays Stella Carlin on OITNB's Season 3.

You, during that scene. (cough cough, Episode 9, cough cough).

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. This love affair starts at the beginning!


There should be a warning flashed before she appears on screen with those perfect eyebrows and that sly grin. A warning, I say!

Don't get started on the accent. Don't.

It's a love that grows stronger with each episode.

Let's break it down, shall we?

Stage 1: Curiosity, but hesitation.

Symptoms: Leaning close enough into the screen to taste it. Who is this new girl? I like her tattoos? But is she going to go all ~evi ~ like Vee?

Stage 2: Infatuation.

Symptoms: Drooling on yourself, night sweats. SEND HELP.

Stage 3: Pure undying devotion.

Symptoms: Elation and hallucinations. Your life is forever changed.

You quickly learn that Stella isn't just cocky, tatted-up amazingness — but also brains.

You know you're done for when you start yelling at the screen:

At times, it seemed the world was against you. Why?

Just when you thought your heart could take no more, this happened:

You picked your jaw up off the floor...

...but you will never be the same.

Despite sexual preference I think it's safe to say that Ruby Rose has everyone feeling some kinda way.

Some of your friends are all, "Ruby who!?" Leave them behind — they are not friends worth having.

So now you're a goner. What more can you do?

I'm in love with Ruby Rose 😍❤️

nobody understands how much I love ruby rose 😫

I am literally in love with Ruby Rose

Light a few candles...

...hug someone you love...

...try not to think about the fact she's taken IRL...

...and be strong.

It's Ruby Rose's world now, and you are simply living in it.