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15 Tweets You'll Understand If You're A Woman Who Shops In The Men's Section

Lord, give me patience (and please get my boobs in this button-down).

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Ladies who seek out the comfiest shirts, only the most top-quality pants, and the most badass of kicks: Listen up, gather around, let's talk.

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1. It's no secret everything in the men's section is better.

I'm that girl that always goes straight to the men's section in stores because they have more of a selection & it's cuter.

2. And there are some questions we need answers to — stat.


I mean, does this look like the sweater section? (Because it is.)

If I wanted a wrap or a poncho, I would have asked for it.
Forever 21

If I wanted a wrap or a poncho, I would have asked for it.

Much better.

Forever 21

3. We could all sing the praises of the H&M men's section for days.

one time, this girl was looking at me funny because i was in the men's section of h&m. she secretly knew it was lit over there

4. Tall girls, you already know what's up.

just had a bonding moment with another tall girl as we browsed the men's clearance section for jackets together in h&m.

5. Not to mention there is usually nobody over there, so you've got the whole damn place to yourself.

reasons why you should buy clothes in the men's section - cheaper - cuter - comfy - usually less people when shopping :)))

6. No, seriously. Is this a conspiracy?

Went shopping. Women's flannels were $80; I went to the men's section to find the exact same flannel for $20. #tf

7. The truth will set you free.

life hack if ur about to buy an article of clothing described with the word "boyfriend" just buy from the men's section instead

8. Let's try and ignore the fact that gendering clothes is a ridiculous thing to begin with.

Ima pull this up next time I'm shopping in the men's section.

9. While the quality and price might be right — the fit is usually not.

how can a girl who has boobies and a booty but likes menswear do her thing somebody let me kNOW

10. It's a sad reality that these clothes weren't made with your body in mind.

*wears men's button up* *spends all day hunched over to stop button gaping*

11. It's a learning experience.

I hate shopping in the men's section bc they don't make extra smalls and therefore do not fit me😢

12. Let's not even start on shoe sizing. That's a whole other world of pain and disappointment:

Men's sneakers are way cooler than women's sneakers but I have yet to hear one of the presidential candidates bring up this hot button issue

13. Just try to ignore your mom shaming you from across the store:

me: finds clothes I like in the men's section my mom: no!!! those are for boys you're a girl!! me

14. Put your excuses away. It's time to shop in whatever section you like.

I'm that girl who shops in the men's section for myself and tells the cashier it's for "my boyfriend"

15. And stay strong out there.

Saw another girl shopping in the men's section today. We smiled at each other encouragingly. It was a nice moment.

(You look amazing, by the way.)

Paramount pictures

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