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Wedding Photos From All 50 States 50 Days After Nationwide Marriage Equality

Fifty days later, fifty states (and D.C.), countless weddings.

1. California:

2. Nevada:

3. Alabama:

Jodi and Kenzi. They originally were married last summer in New York but had their ceremony and celebration in Alabama the week after the law was passed.

4. Arkansas:

5. Louisiana:

6. Connecticut:

7. New York:

8. Minnesota:

9. Ohio:

10. Florida:

11. South Carolina:

12. Colorado:

Cortney and Angela, who were married in July, had their first wedding three years ago when their union wasn't yet legally recognized. After the ruling they eloped with some friends and family to make it all official once more.

Ryan and Cale met each other in Colorado after Cale moved to Fort Collins, CO, from Alaska in 2003. See more of their wedding here.

13. Kentucky:

14. Texas:

15. Rhode Island:

16. Pennsylvania:

17. Mississippi:

18. Oklahoma:

19. Georgia:

20. Montana:

21. New Jersey:

22. Wyoming:

23. Arizona:

24. Wisconsin:

25. North Dakota:

Bryce Martin and Nate Lee, of Bowman, are already talking about their #NorthDakota wedding. http://t.co/KtKNhdLqMa

26. Utah:

27. Massachusetts:

28. Michigan:

29. Nebraska

30. Hawaii:

31. Delaware:

I proudly attended the wedding of my friends, Joe and Dan, in Delaware's first gay marriage ceremony today. #love

32. Washington, D.C.

33. Kansas:

Married in from of the court house. First same sex legally married couple. #KFN

34. Maryland:

35. Indiana:

36. Alaska

Alaska's 1st gay marriage ceremony takes place in Barrow http://t.co/D5Ca15IG6u

37. Vermont:

38. Virginia:

39. Oregon:

40. Iowa:

41. Maine:

Prez George H W & Barbara Bush at #Maine gay wedding Now that's the way the #GOP should be! http://t.co/VNd5BvDK7J

42. Tennessee:

43. New Hampshire:

44. Washington:

45. Missouri:

46. New Mexico

Gay Weddings in Santa Fe, New Mexico http://t.co/YROJF5NPWo #gaymarriage #newmexico #LGBT #SantaFe @benjaaquila

47. North Carolina:

48. Idaho:

49. South Dakota

50. West Virginia:

51. Illinois:

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