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Female Quarterback Shreds The National Anthem On A Ukulele Before Winning Gold

This is the most inspiring combination of sports and music you will ever see.

Meet Sami Grisafe.

She has been playing football since she was 10 years old.

This past month she led the USA All-Star team to the International Federation of American Football's 2013 Women's World Championship in Finland.

Wait, you didn't know we had a World Champion female tackle football team?

We do.

And under the leadership of Grisafe, we are pretty unstoppable.

The first international tackle football tournament in which women were allowed to compete was held in 2010.

Before the final championship game of 2013, Grisafe stepped up to sing the national anthem.

And when I say sing, I mean she actually shredded it to pieces on a ukulele.

Quite literally, she rocked out so hard she shredded it to pieces.

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After her killer rendition, the team went on to take the gold with a 64-0 thrashing of Canada.

Grisafe was named overall tournament MVP.

Probably due to her three game tournament total of 626 passing yards, nine touchdown passes, and one rushing touchdown.

It's clear she has pipes, so it's no surprise this quarterback is also an acclaimed singer-songwriter.

An openly out musician, Grisafe snagged the 2012 Chicago Music Award for “Best Rock Entertainer."

Through both her music and athletic career, Grisafe is setting an example for others.

And acting as a role model for any athletes or musicians considering stepping out of the closet.

But overall, what she is doing is truly inspiring.

The story of the U.S. team is documented in an upcoming documentary Tackle Girls:

Listen to some of Grisafe's music here.