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    Posted on May 10, 2013

    Famous Lesbian Moms On Motherhood

    Quotes on being a super mom from our favorite "celesbians." Spoiler Alert: Super adorable families ahead.

    1. Actress Jane Lynch:

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Lynch met her wife, clinical psychologist Lara Embry, back in 2009 and just year later they were married. Lynch is now step-mom to Embry’s daughters, Haden and Chase.

    On becoming a step-mom:

    Larry Downing / Reuters

    "It’s so funny, my instincts are, Well, I’m maternal in that I’m very empathetic, but children I never got or understood. I’ve always been more of a dog person. So yes, motherhood has changed me. I have this little girl, Haden, who lives with us. She’s 9 years old, and she’s witty and sardonic and has a huge heart. She’s a peacemaker and one of the wisest beings. Sometimes I feel like she’s taking care of me."

    2. Singer Melissa Etheridge

    Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

    Etheridge and her partner Julie Cypher had two kids: Bailey, born in 1997, and Beckett, born in 1998. After Etheridge and Cypher split in 2001, Etheridge began dating Tammy Lynn Michaels. Michaels gave birth to twins, girl Johnnie and boy Miller, in 2006. Etheridge and Michaels parted ways in 2010.

    Etheridge on being a single mother:

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    "Being a mother’s the best job in the world, and probably the most difficult, but the most important job in the world [...] You always know your children come first. They know me, they know what I do, I take them on the road with me… probably the hardest thing I do is to balance [my] personal and professional [lives].”

    3. Comic Wanda Sykes:

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Sykes on The Ellen Degeneres Show discussing motherhood: "Olivia, she's a year-and-a-half now.... My wife, she's French, so she speaks French to the kids. So, Olivia's using her words now. In French, maman is mother. 'Maman, maman,' and she nails it.... And I'm 'Mommy,' but with Olivia, it's doesn't sound like 'Mommy' -- it sounds like 'Mammy.' And, uh, that ain't cool!''

    4. Actress Rosie O'Donnell

    Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

    Rosie O'Donnell and her partner Michelle adopted three children but have ever expanding family, becoming parents to a newborn just this year.

    Rosie on being a mother at the age of 50:

    "It is different at 50. I feel like it's a huge gift. I'm not as panicked...also to see the joy it gives the person that you love most in the world, your partner, your spouse. To see the joy it brings to her and to the other children [...] it's really been an amazing experience."

    5. Comic Sandra Bernhard:

    Larry Busacca / Getty Images

    Bernhard has been with her partner, Sarah Spitzer, for over 10 years. Together they have raised Cicely, the daughter Bernhard had on her own in 1998.

    Sandra speaks out on motherhood:

    Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

    "Becoming a mother used to be the last thing on my mind, but I decided I didn't want to miss the opportunity. I did it on my own, so I wasn't worried about being held accountable to somebody else. Having her was more and better than I expected. I really cannot imagine not having done it."

    6. Actress Cynthia Nixon

    Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

    Cynthia Nixon and her partner, Christine Marinoni, have been raising Nixon’s two children from a previous relationship, as well as a son that Marinoni gave birth to in 2011.

    Nixon on having kids:

    Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

    "I am a person who was never intimidated by motherhood the first time out. Every kid is different and every kid presents new challenges, but the hardest part is when they are really young and you are sleep deprived. I will say, the more you do it, the more familiar it gets."

    7. Soon-to-be mom, NBC Correspondant Jenna Wolfe

    Today weekend anchor Jenna Wolfe and her girlfriend NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk are expecting a baby this August.

    On deciding which of them would carry the baby:

    Jenna stated, "We rock-paper,-scissored it, I won 34-31, so I'm carrying the baby, bam!"