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End Your Ruby Rose Withdrawal With An Exclusive Look At Her Appearance On Syfy's "Dark Matter"

Same hair, same accent, totally different show.

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Ruby Rose, better known as Orange Is the New Black's most recent heartthrob, will guest-star on Syfy's Dark Matter as a possibly dangerous "entertainment model android" named Wendy.

Prodigy Pictures / Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy

For those who haven't been watching, the show (based on the Dark Horse Comics series of the same name and produced by Prodigy Pictures) follows a spaceship crew who wake up with no memory of who they are — or how they got there. Stargate writers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie are behind the 13-episode series following the crew's quest to solve unanswered questions. According to the show's blog, Wendy "delights the crew with her cooking, sexual prowess and charming Australian accent,” but not everything is as it seems. This android was built for “more sinister” tasks as well.

The episode airs this Friday, but you can get a look at Rose as the mysterious android right now: