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    Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi Are Totally Done With People Asking If They're Having Kids

    "Are people really that mad at us?" America's favorite couple shuts down the baby rumors once and for all.

    During Portia De Rossi's latest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, DeGeneres asked viewers for questions to direct at her wife.


    One topic in particular was relentlessly brought up:

    "One of the main things that everybody is asking me about, and asking you about, and I thought I would let you clear it up, is If we're having a baby or not?"

    De Rossi referenced one tabloid in particular – cough cough – that announced their apparent baby bliss right on the cover.

    She pointed out the headline, which read: "They're finally starting a family!"

    De Rossi shut down all the rumors: "No, we are not."

    In her book Seriously... I'm Kidding, DeGeneres addressed the constant questions concerning having children:

    "People are constantly asking Portia and me if we are going to have children. We thought about it. We love to be around children after they've been fed and bathed. But we ultimately decided that we don't want children of our own. There is far too much glass in our house."


    "But we’re not having a baby," said Ellen.

    Really though people, they aren't having a baby.

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