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    Drag Queen Sings Protest Anthem Against Vladimir Putin

    Russian drag queen Dolly Bellefleur had the crowd cheering yesterday as she sang a colorful anthem at a protest in Amsterdam. From Russia with love?

    Thousands of people protested in Amsterdam yesterday against President Putin's homophobic laws in Russia.

    Stringer / Reuters

    Putin was on a one-day visit in the Netherlands for the start of the Netherlands-Russia Year.

    Drag queen Dolly Bellefleur had the massive crowd cheering with an anthem on Russia's oppression of LGBT people.

    Some of the lyrics:

    Stringer / Reuters

    There lives an evil man in Russia nowadays
    He supports a law against lesbians and gays
    Most people look at him with terror and with fear
    Cause he pulls the strings like a wicked puppeteer
    It's distressing how he is suppressing homosexuality
    In the name of love we are protesting: Set our sisters free.
    Stop stop stop Putin - Drop your law at the Kremlin - Love is no crime it's not a disease
    Stop stop stop Putin - Your plans are so poisoning - For all the Russian LGBTs.

    Dolly works under the motto "beauty with brains" as her entertainment usually plays on current topics in politics and gay rights.

    Oh, and she's fabulous.

    Watch the full performance:

    View this video on YouTube

    From Russia with love.