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    Definitive Proof That Summer Is Curly Hair's Worst Enemy

    Summer must be stopped.

    Forget all the lies mainstream media has been feeding you: Summertime and curly hair are mortal enemies.

    In the winter, life with curly hair is good because you know exactly what to expect.

    In the summer? Your life becomes a never-ending gauntlet of survival.

    You tell people you're wearing your hair natural this summer – taking a break from the flat iron and mixing it up.

    Sure, as if you have a choice. Summer owns you now.

    Summer says: Take any amount of product you use daily and double it – no triple it – and see even worse results.

    Summer says: Try wearing your hair down in 90 degree weather and SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

    When you're meticulously preparing your locks in the morning, remember that summer loves to take all your hard work...

    ... and instantly destroy it.

    Getting caught in a lovely summer shower? Not so lovely for you.

    Can I use this bag as an umbrella? Can I use your magazine? Can I use my shirt? Can I just LIVE for a minute?

    But please, remember that summer is a time for travel and be thankful that travel size conditioners allow you to bring so much – HAHA just kidding, you're screwed!

    And if summer is the mortal enemy of curly hair, the beach is its most deadly weapon.

    Your friends are all excited to get those "beach waves" – HA. HA. What does that even mean?

    Nope. Nah. I see right through you, beach.

    "Just come in the water," your friends said. "It will be fun," they said.


    Do they all think this is a game!?

    Only you fully understand the consequences that come with getting your hair wet.

    And if you do brave the water, you're left with a sopping mop that weighs approximately 5 tons and at one time resembled hair.

    Three months of this is enough to drive anyone crazy.

    But everyone with curly hair knows that there are also summer days where you win.

    And when curls defeat summer?

    You look good. Oh yes, you look so good.