Cosima Is The Best Clone On "Orphan Black" Because Science Says So

    Actress Tatiana Maslany plays several genetically identical clones in this series, but that doesn't mean one doesn't clearly stand out above the rest.

    BBC America's sci-fi smash Orphan Black features several genetically identical clones, so it seems impossible to just pick out one of them as the best.

    Shh, shh. No. Let me stop you right there.

    After conducting extensive research* and making many observations – a very solid conclusion has been reached.

    *Research, meaning hours of binge watching Orphan Black.

    Bottom line: Cosmia Niehaus is the best clone on Orphan Black.

    Let's reflect on our initial findings:

    At first glance Cosima is loyal, dedicated, and impossibly passionate about her work.

    Although she is in the midst of earning her PhD, she isn't above using some non-technical terms every now and then.

    In fact, despite her borderline genius intelligence – this woman stays humble.

    Her natural gait (read "swag") is something to be appreciated and marveled.

    Her hand-motions manage to be simultaneously confusing and endearing.

    Bonus: Her amazing taste in music.

    Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson posted this playlist for a glimpse at the evo-devo clone’s musical preferences.

    *checks notes* Cosima is intelligent, down-to-earth, and incredibly charming.

    And then we have the obvious, er.. well.. physical characteristics. LOOK at her face, please.

    Look at her arms – DO IT FOR SCIENCE.

    Enchanté? YOU BET ENCHANTÉ!

    Her smile, have you seen it? It is the smile of an angel ( if angels were human genetic clones).

    *checks notes once more* Yes, it would seem she is clearly superior.

    But our research also uncovered Cosima's weaknesses. The usual: Tardiness, smoking pot...

    ... and her fondness for french women.

    As smart and rational as she tends to be, she often gets dragged around by her heart.

    She is a bit of a romantic, which makes her all the more perfect. It's never been so obvious.

    But – for the sake of our research –let's get an opinion from actress Tatiana Maslany.

    She should know best, right?

    All these observations seem to support our original hunch: Cosima is the best clone.

    Have a case for another clone? Make it, I dare you.