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21 Times Gay Twitter Did Not Hold Back

*Clutches pearls*

If queer folks on Twitter know one thing, it's this: Being queer isn't easy but someone's gotta do it.

And we are more than happy to be here, queer, and talking about it.


And if there is one thing Gay Twitter is good at, it's keeping everyone in check.

Me trying to explain gay Twitter to people.


Including ourselves, frankly.

(Even if serving the tea is a full-time job and we already have a full-time job we should probably be doing.)

when y'all subtweet and I have to search for the full story

Let's run through some examples, shall we?

1. This itty bitty bit of cinematic schooling:

2. This brief counterpoint:

3. This trivia question:

4. And this formal education:

5. The only episode of Gossip Girl you need to know about:

6. This actual textbook definition:

7. And this Oscar-worthy performance:

Homophobic people trying to come up with a reason why gays bother them so much

8. This rich historical fact:

9. This defense of rompers for men that is.... really something:


10. This perfect and artful mastery of the RT:

11. This straight up fact:

12. And this one too:

13. This perfect use of meme:

14. Oh, and this one:


15. This IDGAF affirmation:

16. This teaching moment:


17. And this hot, hot tea:


18. This huge eye-roll:

19. This swift flip of the script:

20. And this plea to all the Susans out there:

21. The volley...


... for this serve:


Class dismissed. Any questions?