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"Brokeback Mountain" Is Now An Opera In Madrid

Hoping for the best, cowboys.

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In case you're having difficulty fully comprehending this news, let's repeat: Brokeback Mountain has been reinvented as an opera.

River Road Entertainment

The show will debut in Madrid on January 28th and run a total of eight times through February 11th.


Wuorinen and Proulx wanted to take a different approach, making several changes from the original story:

Wuorinen creates a grittier atmosphere. The story and characters have been tightly condensed by Proulx, a ghost and a chorus have been added, and nature itself introduced as the underlying element of the narrative. Wuorinen's score evokes the mountains with its swells and strains, bringing to life the harshly imposing Wyoming landscape from which the story was born.


A taste of Daniel Okulitch:

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And the enchanting Thomas Randle:

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If this all sounds strange, just take a moment to remember that an opera about Anna Nicole Smith actually exists.

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And, there is an opera about Jerry Springer.

Correction: Jake Gyllenhaal played Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain. An earlier version of this post listed Tobey Mcguire, who is equally as good-looking.