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Breathtaking Subway Stations Around The World

These metro lines have become sought-after destinations unto themselves.

Toledo Station in Naples, Italy

Dante station in Naples, Italy

Olaias station in Lisbon

Puhung Station in Pyongyang, North Korea

Metro Center station in Washington, D.C.

Staromestska station in Prague, Czech Republic

Narvskaya station in Saint Petersburg

Metro station in Kiev, Ukraine

Solna station in Stockholm, Sweden

Kungstradgarden station in Stockholm, Sweden

Komsomolskaya station in Moscow, Russia

Westfriedhof station in Munich, Germany

Baker Street Station in London, England

Formosa Boulevard Station in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Central Park station in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

City Hall Station in New York City, NY

As for the rest of New York's subway system...we still love you.