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    First Grader Perfectly Explains How Her Two Moms Made A Baby

    She really nails it with the illustrations.

    Explaining where babies come from is hard for any parent, but even trickier for same-sex parents. In this video, 7-year-old Sophia explains in the most adorable way how her two moms had a baby.

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    The video, posted by The Next Family, features Sophia breaking down the facts of life as her mother holds back — understandably — lots of laughter.

    "If you're a kid with two moms and you don't know how to explain it to other kids or people, this is a video of how you can explain it," Sophia begins with unbridled enthusiasm. (We are assuming that little black monster thing is Sophia’s idea of sperm.)

    It's a complicated subject, but the first-grader offered up some helpful illustrations:

    "Say you have Mom, and she was in love with this other girl, and then they married, and then they want to have a baby — but they need a boy!" she begins like the expert she is.

    Some of the specific details aren't that important.

    But this "Sperm Donor" guy seems to play an important role.

    Please admire the large bag of...sperm.

    And let's all agree that "sperm" will never not be a funny word to say.

    The idea for the illustrated video arose from a real conversation between Sophia and her mother Brandy Black, founder of The Next Family.

    "About 6-8 months ago, I asked [Sophia] if anyone asked questions about her having two moms, and she told me that some people said it was impossible for her not to have a daddy," Black told BuzzFeed News.

    "I asked what her response was, and she said, 'I have two moms and every family is different.' I said, 'Do you know why people say that to you, that it's impossible not to have a daddy?' and she said 'No.' So I explained the light answer of how you need to have a sperm and an egg."

    "Navigating your way through parenthood is hard enough, and as a lesbian mom, figuring out how to keep your child informed is a learning process," Black said.

    "I had no idea what she was going to say [in the video], but you may be able to see by watching that I was really surprised and impressed with her answer."

    Class dismissed. Thanks, Sophia!