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Halsey's Twitter Account Is The Light And The Way

The badass songstress knows what's up when it comes to just about everything.

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If you aren't familiar with 20-year-old singer Ashley Frangipane, aka Hasley, I really can't help you...

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...though this can serve as an introduction.

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Good? Great, let's continue!

Halsey may just be getting started conquering the music world (and your heart) but she's been killing the Twitter game for years.

twitter is weird cause its like walking into a room full of 170,000 people and realizing they were talking about you

Whenever she tweets about misogyny in the music industry, somewhere a flower opens in bloom:

So many interviews about the male musicians I know. Y'all are fucking boring me and I'm gonna stop answering the phone.

@ misogynistic live music photographers: I like my fucking hair. I like my fucking clothes. Go shoot a beauty pageant.

*flower opens*

She drop-kicks harmful stereotypes on the daily:

Androgyny is fucking cool and if anyone tries telling you "how to be a girl" punch them in the face. There's no wrong way to have a body.

In case you missed the memo: androgyny is hot. Girls in boyfriend tees and jeans & boys with girly eyes and lips 😍



She'll tell you exactly what your body type is... It's your body.


And when it comes to bras, she's no stranger to the struggle:

I know I'm not some hot male rockstar but if you guys wanna throw bras on stage at my shows, feel free I could use some.

Why are bras so expensive. "You were born a woman now give us all of your money."

When she gets serious (and downright amazing) discussing topics like sexuality and gender, the world is a slightly better place:

Virginity is a social construct designed to shame women. Don't fear your sexuality. It's yours to own or to preserve.

Pls don't misgender people. You wouldn't call them by the wrong name so don't call them by the wrong pronoun. Simple.

Don't let people make you feel bad about sexuality, do whatever you want whenever you want, just SAFELY. Tell em to mind they own business.

And sometimes she gets the point across with no words at all:

Her proudest moments, though, usually stem from her first love: breakfast cereal.

The way to a woman's heart is through her favorite breakfast cereal.

Just broke Oreos up into a bowl with almond milk and ate it like cereal. This is the first day of my life.

Seriously, girl knows her cereal. Wise up.

She speaks her mind...

I suggest you learn the difference between rude and blunt. I'm like a high fashion haircut. Sorry.

...and she speaks the truth.

Stop worrying about what genre a song is that shit is made up by 50 year old dudes who work at radio stations and tell you what to like.

Someone give this woman credit where credit is due.

Hundreds of teenage girls tell me I make them question their sexuality. Where's my Nobel prize.

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