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People Are Sharing Beautiful Selfies To Celebrate The Bisexual Community On Twitter

People are sharing selfies, coming out stories, and a whole lotta pride for the bisexual community.

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If you've been hoping and praying that #BiTwitter would have its moment, like many identity-focused hashtags have in the past, today is your lucky day.

Twitter user @quietseaturtle1 may have kicked off the #BiTwitter hashtag, tweeting it out just a few days before the hashtag began trending on Wednesday evening.

"I tweeted after seeing what people think about bisexuality on different social media," the Twitter user told BuzzFeed News. "People would say that we were cheaters or 'fake gays' especially to those in a straight relationship. I just want positivity."


And by Wednesday evening, the hashtag was officially trending.

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According to the hashtag's Twitter Moment, it was created to "encourage bisexual people to share their pictures and stories in order to gain visibility and acceptance."



Me looking at all the pretty people posting under #BiTwitter