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    Updated on Aug 22, 2020. Posted on Feb 24, 2014

    Artist Turns Powerful Political Figures Into Fabulous Drag Queens

    Madame O' Sane, Vladdy Pushin', and Georgia Buchette.

    War Drags You Out is a photo series by artist Saint Hoax in which he takes the world's most controversial leaders, past and present, and transforms them into drag queens.

    Vladdy Putin' by Saint Hoax / Via

    The self-described "POPlitical artist" focuses much of his work on "rewriting history through visual lies."

    The inspiration to turn Saddam Hussein into "Madame O' Sane" came shortly after the artist attended his very first drag performance.

    Madame O' Sane | War Drags You Out / Via Saint Hoax

    Hoax realized the recipe for a great drag queen – fierce persona, defining outfits, and "one hell of a PR team" – was eerily similar to the makings of a powerful political figure.

    Vladdy Pushin' | War Drags You Out / Via

    President Vladimir Putin becomes Vladdy Pushin'.

    Hoax writes on his website:

    "A rush of images containing Hitler's mustache, Bin laden's headgear, Obama's campaigns, Saddam's [narcissism] crossed through my mind."

    Adolf Hitler becomes Hitleria Hysteria.

    "It got me thinking that behind every 'great' man, there's a queen."

    Baricka O'Bisha by Saint Hoax / Via

    President Barack Obama becomes Baricka O'Bisha.

    "Just like drag queens, political leaders are expected to entertain, perform and occasionally lip-sync a public speech."

    "Georgia Buchette" Saint Hoax / Via

    "But unlike drag queens, the fame hungry leaders don't know when to take their costumes off."

    Ossie B' by Saint Hoax / Via

    The most controversial image of the series is one depicting King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia as "Queen Abby".

    Queen Abby by Saint Hoax / Via

    "Shame to you who post the picture, just want to say those who are trying to disgrace by posting this kind of unacceptable picture about King Abdullah, you should know that king abdullah is a model leader to the arab world," wrote one user after the image was posted to Facebook.

    You can see Saint Hoax's complete collection here.