Andy Cohen Apologizes On "Today" Show After Joking About "That Poor Lesbian Reporter"

    "Put the late night guy in the morning and..."

    This morning on NBC's Today show, Andy Cohen and Natalie Morales discussed tennis player Eugenie Bouchard's controversial post-game interview during the Australian Open.

    Following 19-year-old Bouchard's victory over Ana Ivanovic, Channel Seven reporter Samantha Smith asked her which celebrity she would date.

    A Channel Seven spokesman defended the interview, which many found sexist, stating:

    "These wonderful athletes are not robots. We try to give viewers an insight into their personalities, as well as how they hit their forehands and backhands. And Sam achieved that."

    That's when Cohen thought this comment would be appropriate:

    Even when the studio uttered a collective gasp, he continued:

    Samantha Smith, a former top ranked British tennis player, reports predominantly for the BBC, Sky Sports, and Channel Seven during the Australian Open.

    Cohen managed to squeeze this in:

    He would later give a longer apology, confessing he had mixed up the sort of things he could say on his late night show versus morning television.

    Hoda didn't feel he even needed to.