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    Posted on Apr 16, 2013

    An Open Letter To Frigide Barjot And The Movement Against Gay Marriage In France

    The French TV host known as "Frigide Barjot" has become the leader of the movement against gay marriage in France. A gay man, and friend of the comedy star, has published an angry open letter on Facebook expressing his dissapointment in her actions.

    French humorist and TV host Virginie Tellene, also known as "Frigide Barjot", has become a figure-head for the movement against gay marriage in France.

    Christian Hartmann / Reuters

    "We're all born of a man and a woman, but the law will say the opposite tomorrow," says Barjot, warning the reform would break links between father, mother and children that ground human society.

    In front of the French Senate on Friday Barjot was overheard shouting, "Hollande wants blood, he will have it! All of the world is furious. We live in a dictatorship."

    Michel Euler / AP

    Alexandre Dousson , a gay man who claims to have known the comic for 15 years, posted his own Facebook message on Saturday.

    The translated letter:

    Open letter to Frigide Barjot. My Frigide, because you called me my Alex, in the 15 years that I've known you, I address you one last time. I have fond memories with you, you know my family, I had brunch at your house, I offered you my arm on the red carpet of the Festival of Deauville, we dined at the Opera Garnier, I organized a number of parties for you and your husband… But never mind, I am gay, in favor of equal rights and the democratic opportunity since I consistently vote as a conscientious citizen. Your last remarks gave me nausea. You have overstepped all bounds and you are from this point forward a public danger. With your call of blood ... You opened Pandora's box of homophobia and I will never forgive you. I wish that the cart of s--t that you raised falls on you and masks the putrid odor of your words. In the bonfire of the vanities where you will surely end up, burn in the small fire and do not pray to your God -- that will not serve anything -- he will surely be the last one to defend you, as your words and the stature you give yourself are only a masquerade for the ones who know your past. I will stop here and I thank Facebook for having invented the function "to remove a contact" which will be the final pleasure that I grant to you.

    Frigide responded on her website with the following (translated) message:

    Urgent appeal for calm, Karl Zero, Alexandre Dousson and a few others!

    Because after the coup in the Senate on Friday and precipitation in the National Assembly, I have NEVER called "hate and blood" but always for peace, quiet and against homophobia.
    And I continue. I denounced words unlikely circumstance hardening of the attitude of the President of the Republic, blockages growing government and verbal abuse of Ministers. Why, Karl, Alex, you put it too, with an exaggeration nameless, without even telling me in private?

    Barjot refuses to be branded homophobic.

    Charles Platiau / Reuters

    “I do not deny gay love and I’ve got nothing against gay culture,” she told right-leaning daily Le Figaro, “But I cannot condone the introduction of a new type of marriage into France’s civil code.”