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    "Adventure Time" Actor Confirms Princess Bubblegum And Marceline The Vampire Queen Once Dated

    BUBBLINE LIVES! Well, sort of.

    BREAKING BUBBLINE NEWS! At an LA book signing for The Adventure Time Encyclopedia, the voice of Marceline The Vampire Queen, Olivia Olsen, confirmed what many fans already suspected to be true...

    ... that at some point in time Princess Bubblegum and Marceline TOTALLY WERE A COUPLE.

    Olson answered a fan's question (cut off in the video) concerning Bubbline, referencing a conversation she had with creator Pendleton Ward.

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    "And he said, 'Oh, you know they dated right?'"

    I was at the studio on Tuesday and Pen was actually there because he was recording for Lumpy Space Princess and I wanted to ask him a lot of questions, because he's trying to write the book and stuff so I wanted to pick Pen's brain a little bit. And he says, 'Oh, you know they dated, right?' And I said, 'Wellll, that's what I figured from all the creepy fan art.' [cheers]

    Here's another video of Olsen answering the question with one fan yelling, "YES, YES!" as she spills the beans.

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    In the video you can see Olsen also made a point to ask Ward if the couple would be visible on the show or in the upcoming book. Unfortunately, not so much.

    And I said, 'Are they going to do it on the show at all, or can we say anything about it in the book?" And he's like, 'I don't know about the book, but in some countries where the show airs, it's sort of illegal.' So that's why they're not putting it in the show.

    That's when the Ice King (OK fine, Tom Kenny) chimes in: “It was illegal here until 2013, for god’s sake!”

    Well said, Ice King.


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