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    Just A Reminder That Sarah Paulson And Holland Taylor Are More In Love Than You'll Ever Be

    In case you had forgotten.

    Remember when actress Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor started dating and we all realized that true and perfect love exists in the world?

    Jordan Strauss / AP

    Same, it changed my whole life.

    And then, earlier this week, Paulson expressed her feelings to The New York Times so poetically I may have already framed it for my desk:


    "What I can say absolutely is that I am in love, and that person happens to be Holland Taylor," she declared as the rest of the world swooned.

    No time like the present to take a moment and bask in the wonder that is this lovely duo. Shall we?

    Charley Gallay

    Because it may be a new year, but they are the same classy broads.

    With the same adorable tweets of affection:

    Even when they're apart, they make sure to make each day count:

    If one of them falls ill, the other brings them soup:

    Soup! That is what true love is about!

    They understand the importance of supporting each other's work, especially with retweets.

    This is a modern love story, people.

    The rest of us can only dream of reaching this level of "awww".

    Clearly the couple that gets together on Twitter, keeps that love going via Twitter.

    The truth is in the RT <3.

    Ladies in love, please never change (or stop tweeting).

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters